Study Tips To Master Chemistry For IIT JEE

Tips To Score Marks In JEE Main and Advanced Chemistry

Chemistry is the best scoring subject in JEE main and advanced. Yes, you read it right.

Ditch the procrastination by keeping in mind to achieve a good rank in JEE Main and Advanced.

You can score the maximum numbers in chemistry by following these simple tips discussed by the best chemistry educator in India, Kapil Rana.

1.Make a timetable and follow that routine religiously. Later, you can alter the schedule according to your learning and grasping speed on each topic.

2.Chemistry is a vast subject; you can’t complete it within a month or two. Begin your preparation with determination and patience.

3.Regular practice and learning work like magic when preparing for chemistry. As chemistry is a theory-based subject, everyday learning will help students polish their skills.

4.Don’t forget to revise what you’ve learned. With the completion of each chapter or five chapters, make sure to revise. Revisions make the learning strong and sustainable.

5.Don’t try to study from all the books. It’ll only make you confused and stressed. To know about the best books for inorganic chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced, read our previous blog.

6.With each passing day, regulate your capability to answer and solve questions within a time frame. It’ll make you ready for the examination hall so that you can allot time to each subject within a timeframe.

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