Study Tips To Master Chemistry For IIT JEE

Study Tips To Master Chemistry For IIT JEE

You can score good marks in chemistry with proper planning and regular studies.

Chemistry can boost your JEE rank.

But the question is how?

Chemistry is more about planning and less about applications.

Understand Basic Chemistry Concepts

Kapil Rana Sir came with really effective and easy tips to master chemistry for JEE Mains and Advanced.

Kapil Rana has years of experience in teaching inorganic chemistry to JEE aspirants.

He assures students that chemistry is not a cramming-based subject by making them understand the fundamental concepts of chemistry.

You cannot solve chemistry without having a solid grasp of basic concepts. Learning or memorizing the theories and concepts will not help you understand and solve the problems.

The development of problem-solving skills depends on the understanding of your basic concepts. Kapil Rana builds a strong foundation of subject clarity in students.

Kapil Rana prepare students from basic to advanced level.  His teaching method is unique and fun. Based on real-life experience, molecular 3D modules and live interactions.

Students can clear their doubts in a live interaction session on Unacademy.

Here are some tips by Kapil Rana best inorganic chemistry teacher at Unacademy:

  • Memorize the periodic table.
  • There is no last-minute preparation for JEE Mains and Advanced. 
  • Feed your brain with as many chemistry formulas as chemical bonding and atomic structure. 
  • Practice problem solving from NCERT and consider the best books for JEE advanced physical chemistry in my previous blog.
  • For inorganic chemistry, study and memorize all reaction mechanisms.
  • Revision is the key to remembering chemistry. 
  • Solve problems regularly for better practice.
  • Practice coaching material, and make notes of each subject.

If you’re still perplexed about the JEE chemistry preparation, Kapil Rana Unacademy classes are the savior for all JEE aspirants.

His classes consist of complete theory, mock tests, and study material like PYQs and revisions for better understanding.

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