Our Brain’s Negativity Bias & How to Fix It

Our Brain’s Negativity Bias & How to Fix It

We sometimes feel very insecure about everything and think that nothing will go right if we do it. It is known as negativity. 

Negativity is not a good thing for mental health because once we start feeling that way, then it becomes very hard to come out of those thoughts. 

Our brains only tend to believe the negative outcome of everything that must be done, which is how our brain becomes negative. 

What Does a Negativity-Biased Brain Go Through?

When our brains are filled with negative vibes, we do not feel like doing anything because we think the outcome will be bad anyway.

And by continuously thinking like this, we do nothing throughout our day. This way, negativity kills the will to do something. 

Negativity also affects the physical state of a person along with the mental state. 

Because with negative vibes, we only think about bad things and forget the good things provided to us, like food and shelter. 

This way, negativity develops a feeling of not saying thank you enough.

How To Fix Negativity?

This negativity in our minds can be fixed, but we must participate in improving our thought processes. 

We have to believe in ourselves. Rather than thinking that we can not do it right, we must think that we will try our best to do it right. 

We should use different ways to tackle our problems so that the outcome improves step by step.


So, this is how we can eliminate negativity from our brains and focus on filling our thoughts with positive things around us.

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