Importance Of Self-Study For JEE Mains and Advanced Preparation

Importance Of Self-Study For JEE Mains and Advanced Preparation

Self-study is essential besides coaching. Self-study keeps you motivated and arouses the curiosity of getting into the depth of the subject because you’ve read it thoroughly. 

However, it doesn’t matter if the coaching is too good; if you’re not doing self-study, you’ll not achieve your targeted goal.

Set target to Prepare for JEE Mains and Advanced


Focus on daily activities like theory, revision, and homework


Creation of chapter-wise short notes & formula sheets

Weekly test + mock test

With self-study, you can self-analyze your ability which motivates you to do better daily. 

Your hard work is the key to persistence. The more you practice, the more you get knowledgeable.

You must have a motive if you’re targeting to get enrolled with a top rank in IIT. 

You should have a clear concept as each institute has its specialization, and you’ve decided your career to get enrolled in a specific institute. 

Study Material

To prepare yourself for the JEE Advanced and Mains level, get ready to experience the blend of  unknown questions. Yes, it’s hard to digest. 

For your benefit, Kapil Rana’s classes at Unacademy are the best choice for inorganic chemistry JEE Mains and Advanced preparation

Don’t expect the questions you have prepared or depend on too many books as it’ll confuse you.

The chemistry theory is vast and cannot be completed or studied from a single book.

Approach To Cover JEE Study Material

The study material for JEE Advanced and Mains should consist of:- 


Basic questions (Advanced and Mains)


Advance level (unknown questions)


PYQ ( just for an idea)

Suppose you are a kind of a student who doesn’t go to coaching or does not have access to coaching. 

You can enroll for online classes of Kapil Rana’s Best online coaching for IIT JEE

Learn from your place with ease and comfort. To learn about the Best Book for Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Mains and Advanced, read our previous blog.

You’ll get all the practiced material with the live interaction classes. Classes are available in Hindi as well for better understanding. 

Bottom Line

Learners must use the Best study tools of Acadza to plan their strategies, remove backlog, practice questions, prepare formula sheets and speed enhancement.

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