Best Books Of Chemistry For JEE Mains and Advanced

Preparing for JEE Advanced and Mains can be less productive if you don’t know the exemplary educator and books. 

Lot’s of JEE aspirants are confused to select the suitable books for the JEE Mains & Advanced.

Students often ask these questions to their teachers or search on the web for how we’ll score good marks? 

What is the best book to prepare for JEE Mains and Advanced? To get the answer to all your doubts, read the blog till the end. 

No single book is advisable if you’re preparing for JEE Mains and Advanced. However, it would help if you were determined to achieve your goals. 

You must consider the book selection: which book will be best for inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, or organic chemistry?

Here I have mentioned some of the best books for physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry below:

Best Teacher of Chemistry for neet

The most crucial part of chemistry is theory. You cannot depend on a single book to prepare for chemistry.

There is a wide variety of theories in chemistry that are impossible to cover with one single book to prepare for IIT JEE (foreign authors) are advisable.

You can consider these authors’ books. If you want to prepare from the basics to the advanced level for JEE Mains and Advanced. 

1.Physical chemistry

Book name – Problems in physical chemistry by Narendra Awasthi – Best for questions.

Foreign author – Peter Atkins – Best for theory.

2.Organic chemistry


Book name – Advanced problems in organic chemistry by MS Chauhan – Best for questions.


Foreign author – Paula Bruice,  T.W Graham Solomons, and Jonathan Clayden  – Basic theory books for organic chemistry.  

2. Inorganic chemistry

Book name – Problems inorganic chemistry by VK Jaiswal – best for question development.

It’s a detailed book specially designed for JEE aspirants. After reading and researching many foreign author books with well-framed questions /problems cover the required depth of the subject.

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Kapil Rana

Kapil Rana